Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another useful tool for the workshop; Video Borescope

Another hopefully useful tool has found its way into my garage the last month; a Video Borescope.
To be tested.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Another addition of cleaning tools for my workshop; an ultrasonic cleaner was added today.

Zalo (Norwegian dishwash detergent) and citric acid powder should be mixed with water for the ultimate rinsing effect.

Now I'll just have to find some parts to clean. Shouldn't be difficult. More to come.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Smallframe fix

One of my buddies, who I had acquired a Smallframe for some time ago, experienced some trouble with the scooter recently. A bit later he took the liberty to drop the scooter off by my house to fix.

Okey, a small test ride revealed a motor willingly starting, but having no momentum when revving up. Nothing had been adjusted; Ignition OK, Carb OK, fuel OK.

My suspicion was either damaged reed valve or carburettor issues. In other words, surgery needed.

 Off with exhaust and rear wheel...
 ...revealing the Malossi reed valve...
In order to get to the one bolt not showing in the picture, I had to manufacture a shortened hex wrench. But that did the trick.
On inspection and breathing through the reed, it felt "different" than the reed I have lying around for the Ferdinand project. The reed blades themselfes were not damaged, so what could it be?
Turned out that the screws holding the blades and the metal flaps were loose... and that was all that it was to it.
 Torleivs Smallframe will be on the road again after a quick service to a very saggy gearing mechanism. (Wires need to be tightened I believe.)

Lesson learned: Check that the screws on the reed valve are actually fixed before installing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yellow fever

Once upon a time early this summer I promised a new Roughnecks member to help him with his yellow smallframe. The scooter had been standing in his basement for quite some time, having problems with staying alive when warm. Typically capacitor problems, so I'd already sourced a new capacitor and spark gap for the scooter. The owner himself had a new coil. 

My "scooter trailer" is very versatile... 

 Ok, surgery...

 Dismantle and exit old capacitor and spark gap...

 Inserting DRT capacitor and new spark gap... 

The coil was also replaced with a new one.

The motor now works, but I am not totally satisfied with full throttle response. I might have to adjust the ignition timing a bit.

 Again, 5 scooters in the garage... 

But the yellow fever will soon be gone. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

New toy in workshop

New toy added to workshop this week; a pneumatically driven part cleaner.

That pretty much sums up doing DIY parts restoration up to painting. I am still struggeling to find a decent way to paint top coat of parts. A small spray booth is on my wish list, for now I will have to rely on decent, wind still weather.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lambretta Museum, Weston-Super-Mare, UK

I've been working near Falmouth in UK this week, driving a rental car from Heathrow. On the way over to Falmouth, I got the chance to visit Stonehenge. And on my way back to Heathrow, I got the opportunity to visit the largest collection of Lambrettas in UK, possibly in the world: The Lambretta Museum in Weston-Super-Mare (near Bristol).

I first became aware of the Lambretta Museum in a DVD called "In search of Lambretta" (mentioned in an earlier post). And it just happened to be on my route today. Yes. Lucky me.

The Lambretta Museum also houses, check out their collection of scooter memorabilia. Tip: Check out the Pewter scooter models in cast metal, they were absolutely stunning!

The Lambretta Museum in its glory
Carlo was more than happy to give me a guided tour. For the rest of you: Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

PK50XL2 for the missus & courtesy visit to Rivals Kristiansand

Since the previous PK was beyond salvage, and a buddy of mine was in need of some transportation of a newly procured Smallframe from Kristiansand to Stavanger, I felt obligated to help.

It takes 3 hours by car to drive to Kristiansand, but hey; this was a great opportunity to visit some old scooter buddys from the Rivals. And, if I was lucky I might just find a scooter of my own to transport home.

And yes. I found a 1994 PK50XL2 in pretty good shape, perfect object for tricking the missus into scootering. More of that later.

This is what it looked like at Svein's from Rivals:

Chicken anyone?


Piece of rust - eh correction - ART!

Spectacular details on this Lammy...

Somebody's collecting scooters...

You can't even take a pee at Svein's without hitting a Lammy...

Work in Progress...

And. This piece of work is going to become the WORST Lammy EVER.

This is a Monster. "I eat Harleys for breakfast!"

We can't wait to see this on the road!

So. The red smallie is for a buddy of mine, Torleiv, and the white PK is for my missus.

But wait, there's more! A late order: A 90 Racer for √ėyvind.

Thanks for the Smallies & a great roadtrip!

As every scooter of mine, the PK50XL2 has got it's own blog. Follow the upgrades and status of this here. (And if you wonder why I have separate blogs for the scooters: The blog follows the scooter when sold. Thats why. )